Who is CHROO? ... He’s quite possibly the richest dog in the world, the ever-present Corona-swilling BFF to celebrity heiress Upferra Quiquis (pronounced “quickie”). Chroo’s been everywhere, knows everyone, and (unusual for a Chihuahua) boasts an impressive track record with large-breed females. In this screwball literary fantasy, the fun starts when Upferra (who isn’t the dumb blonde everyone thinks) finds out she’s inheriting vastly more than the billions expected. It turns out her father was one of eight trillionaires controlling the world’s economy by playing a strange, secretive Game. She’s inherited his seat in this Game and it’s now literally her move. The problem is, she doesn’t care to play. So, she, Chroo, and an ensemble cast of humans and animals work to take down the Game, thus restoring freedom to the entire world!

CHROO brings readers along for a whirlwind global adventure. Those who like quirky tales will love the endless pop-culture and literary references, animal philosophy, and situational hijinks — from the book’s opening through its climax featuring an invasion of cross-dressing macaques (as told by a thespian cat in four pages of bona fide dactylic hexameter). #weird #funny #chroo

Who Would Enjoy Reading CHROO?

  • Readers who enjoy well-crafted, literary prose;
  • Readers who love plot-driven novels;
  • Animal lovers — especially dogs and cats (and perhaps most notably Chihuahua lovers);
  • Those who appreciate humor, word-play, pop-culture and literary references, and a flirtation with meta-fiction at times;
  • Readers who would appreciate a smart, complex female protagonist;
  • Readers who might enjoy an ensemble-cast;
  • Those who like quirky, mysterious, and adventurous tales with diverse international locations;
  • Those who appreciate speculative, upmarket adult fantasy fiction (i.e., a world where a few select animals can talk to a few select humans, where the world run, in part, as a literal game, etc.).

CHROO Soundtrack:

Many people tell me that CHROO would make a great movie. That sounds about right to me, especially as the text makes reference to so many elements of pop culture, including music! As such, here's a playlist of various tunes referenced within the text. (Can you imagine the licensing fees if this ever got made into a movie?)