Jim Dee holds a B.A. Degree in English from Wilkes University and has established himself as a versatile writer in many genres. His publishing career began with a production editor position at Prentice Hall. He was later a proposal writer for Deloitte and held various other corporate communications positions. Beyond these roles, he has published scores of articles as a freelancer (in the areas of tech trends, legal journalism, health and wellness, and the craft of writing) and has maintained personal blogs with hundreds of articles covering a wide array of additional topics. (He currently uses Medium.com as his home blog, where he has 4.5k followers.) His publications include:

Other Writings

Jim lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and Portland, Oregon, with his wife (Wendi), daughter (Bailey), and doggo (Lupin). When he's not writing, he enjoys composing music and making stained glass windows.